The Classical Collection

Owing to a life-long passion for diving and the ocean, the collection derives most of its inspiration from the concept of ‘sunken treasure’. The words conjure up the splendor of antiquity, the magnificence of royal treasuries, and adventure beneath the waves. Crafted from high-quality, hand-selected gemstones from around the world and a custom alloy of 18K gold, the rich yellow of high-karat gold combines with vibrantly-colored gems to create something so exquisite that it transcends the word "jewelry" and enters the realm of "TREASURE"!

The Classical Collection of granulated 18K gold jewelry echoes the opulence of antiquity for those seeking their own piece of contemporary treasure.

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Classical Pendant


18KY granulated pendant set with a 7x5mm oval blue zircon. (Chain sold separately)

Dimensions: 1-1/16” x 9/16” (28mm x 14mm) including bail