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      Shipwreck Treasures

      Explore this exquisite jewelry made with metals recovered from shipwrecks and imbued with actual sunken treasure! 

      From the Caribbean comes 18K Treasure Gold which is an 18K gold made with metals recovered from the 1622 shipwreck of the Atocha off Key West, FL.

      From the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean comes Sterling Fathoms Silver.  This sterling silver is made from silver recovered from the wreck of the Gairsoppa 15,400ft down in the waters of the North Atlantic.

      Please visit our FAQ section for detailed information on these unique jewelry metals.

      Tanzanite Bamboo Jewel Ring Tanzanite Bamboo Jewel Ring
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      Tanzanite High Seas Ring Tanzanite High Seas Ring
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      Tanzanite, Ruby, & Diamond Pendant Tanzanite, Ruby, & Diamond Pendant
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